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We're in rooms 2-135 and 2-143, which are near each other.

Here's a map showing building 2:

I believe that people commonly park on Memorial Drive, with the shortest walk to the rooms. I've highlighted the likely parking lots you can use on this map (all free after 5:00):

I suggest using the Kendall stop, for public transporters, and the East Lot ("East Garage Annex") for drivers. If you can already get to 77 Mass. Ave. or the ESG area, do so and take the directions from there.

Directions to MIT are available at!

From the Kendall T stop:

Walk up Main St., away from the bridge. Cross Ames St., and enter and cross the parking lot on your left. Continue with directions from East Lot.

From the East Lot:

Walk away from road, into the MIT campus. At the end of the lot, turn right and walk in between the buildings. Pass an indoor pool on your right and walk under a building. The next building ahead on the left is the ESG building. Go up one floor and continue from the ESG area directions.

From the ESG area:

Go to the first floor of the ESG building, and exit the building on the side near the elevator. Follow the hallway as it turns right and take your first left. Continue down this corridor past one hallway intersection and follow turn left when it does. At the next intersection, turn right. Our rooms are on the left.

From 77 Mass Ave (the Mass. Ave. entrance to MIT):

Inside the building, cross the lobby and walk down the long corridor away from Mass. Ave. On your right, pass one corridor and a lobby that looks out on the main MIT courtyard. Take the next right (there's a sign to "building 4"), and follow that corridor when it turns left. At the next intersection, turn right. Our rooms are on the left.

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