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101 Goals for 1001 Days (by January 17 2010)

  1. Write 101 Goals list [DONE: 2007-04-23]


  1. Visit Prague [DONE: 2009-06-19]
  2. Go to Burning Man [DONE: 2007-08-27]
  3. Rock climb on a mountain
  4. Go boating on the Charles
  5. Volunteer in another country [DONE: 2008-11-30]
  6. Bike across Massachusetts
  7. Ice skate
  8. Attend a multiple-day meditation retreat
  9. Attend 5 different religions services (lutheran, jewish, quaker, bahai, uu) [POST: 2010-03-01]
  10. Spend a day at a sauna or spa [DONE: 2009-07-12]
  11. Live alone outside society for 4 days
  12. Live 4 days each without a basic function (sight, hearing, touch, taste/smell, speech, right hand)
  13. Attend a large music festival (e.g., Bonnaroo) [DONE: 2009-01-03]
  14. Read 6 books (I haven't already read) from the 100 most banned book list
  15. Watch 12 movies from AFI's top 100 list (/Casablanca/, /Schindler's List/, /Wizard of Oz/, /Star Wars/, /2001/, /Graduate/, /It's a Wonderful Life/, /E.T./, /Dr. Strangelove/, /Sound of Music/, /Streetcar Named Desire/, /Lord of the Rings/. /Cabaret/, /Raiders of the Lost Arc/, /Clockwork Orange/, /Saving Private Ryan/, /Butch Cassady and the Sundance Kid/, /Silence of the Lambs/, /Forest Gump/, /Titanic/, /Sixth Sense/, /Pulp Fiction/, /Toy Story/; Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?, Annie Hall)
  16. Visit 3 of Australia, South America [2008-01], Africa, and Asia
  17. Try 10 new natural foods (e.g., fruits and vegetables) (açai, acerola, goiaba, caju, graviola, maracujá, cassava, jambu, cupuaçu, cacão) [DONE: 2009-01-01]
  18. Try 6 new restaurants [DONE 2008-07]
  19. Try MDMA or MDA [DONE: 2007-09-01]
  20. Go to the Boston ICA [DONE: 2007-11-17]

Social and Sexual

  1. Write 20 letters (at least 5 friends, 5 family, 5 political)
  2. Write a mass-mailed Christmas letter
  3. Call mom every week for 2 months
  4. Get a friend of every Myers-Briggs type
  5. Get a friend from each of 20 countries
  6. Say "hi" to 5 strangers a day for two weeks [Aborted]
  7. Create a persona (a la Sacha Cohen)
  8. Go on a camping trip with friends [DONE: 2009-10]
  9. Learn wedding dancing
  10. Get a girlfriend (at least 1 month) [DONE: 2009-02-22]
  11. Fool around with a guy [DONE: 2007-07]
  12. Have 3 things stuck up my anus
  13. Try 5 new sexual positions
  14. Host a Rocky nonafter party [DONE: 2007-09-16]
  15. Organize a 100+ person event [DONE: 2008-02-29]


  1. Hire an employee [DONE: 2007-09]
  2. Write an academic paper
  3. Write a short story
  4. Construct a piece of music
  5. Draw a painting
  6. Complete a general A.I. program
  7. Build technology for my apartment [DONE: 2007-10-13]
  8. Document 100 projects on my projects site
  9. Build a piece of furniture (e.g. bean bag chair, carpentry project) [DONE: 2009-10-30]
  10. Sell something of my own making
  11. Design new programming language or theory of physics
  12. Publish "Reals", "Refs", and "Agents" PHP systems
  13. Publish book (e.g., DSPFirst Commentary, D&D Modifications, Written Language, Social Guide)
  14. Make fine garb for SCA
  15. Make a time capsule
  16. Write a 30 page autobiography (include interests, projects, activities)
  17. Take a class outside of MIT [DONE: 2010-02-12]
  18. Teach a class outside of MIT
  19. "Produce" a project that I've already finished (e.g., Grading System, System Predictor)
  20. Choose a death row "final meal", and cook it
  21. Prepare 25 new recipes
  22. Participate in a political campaign [DONE: 2009-11-30]
  23. Start a business [DONE: 2007-10]
  24. Form a project support collective (writer's group)
  25. Start or join a secret society
  26. Create a gift from my skill set (e.g., a robot)
  27. Convince ESG to experiment with basic class structure
  28. Write up results from By Mice and Men

Life Situation

  1. Get a fully outfitted kitchen [DONE: 2008-08]
  2. Switch to a new bank [DONE: 2009-11-09]
  3. Move or catalogue and reorganize stuff at parents'
  4. Get all books on shelves or get rid of them
  5. Get good speakers
  6. Get eye contacts
  7. Get a pet [DONE: 2007-09-23]
  8. Legally own or rip from friends half of favorite 500 songs
  9. Catalogue 1000 of my books
  10. Get a friend to help me buy a new wardrobe ($250 worth)
  11. Buy stock or real estate (at least $500 worth)
  12. Pay off expensive student loan [DONE: 2009-01-20]
  13. Live principles from Your Money or Your Life for 1 month [DONE: 2008-11]
  14. Learn to drive and get a license
  15. Write death wishes (funeral service and legal will) [DONE: 2008-02-21]
  16. Reorganize every room in apartment [DONE: 2008-07-04]
  17. Paint apartment walls [DONE: 2009-09-23]

Health and Fitness

  1. Give blood
  2. Bench press 200 pounds
  3. Run a 10 minute mile
  4. Rid my toes of fungus
  5. Do a detox diet for 10 days
  6. Gain 20 pounds
  7. Give up chocolate and caffeine for a month [DONE: 2008-03]
  8. Get CPR certified
  9. Exercise 8 times a month for 3 months in a row

Personal Improvement

  1. Learn to whistle tunes
  2. Give a speech for at least 50 people [DONE: 2007-12-19]
  3. Learn lucid dreaming
  4. Memorize "Howl"
  5. Read "Hamlet"
  6. Learn the constellations and their stories
  7. Learn German well enough to converse
  8. Learn to make Spanish Tortillas
  9. Learn A List celebrities (names, achievements, connections)
  10. Learn to play 5 new songs on the piano or harp
  11. Learn the countries and their languages

Bonus (beyond 101)

  1. Get teeth fixed
  2. Live a week as though it's my last
  3. Learn to critique wine
  4. Learn to tie 10 new knots

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