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Published Papers

  • The small world of global marine fisheries: the cross-boundary consequences of larval dispersal. Science
  • The USA water data gap – A survey of state-level water data platforms to inform the development of a national water portal. Earth’s Future
  • Accessibility across transport modes and residential developments in Nairobi. Journal of Transport Geography
  • MIMI-PAGE, an open-source implementation of the PAGE09 integrated assessment model. Scientific Data
  • Estimating economic damage from climate change in the United
    States. Science
  • A flexible approach to model coupling through probabilistic pooling: Environmental Modelling and Software
  • Political competition and renewable energy transitions over long time horizons: A dynamic approach (with Marion Dumas and Johannes Urpelainen): Ecological Economics
  • American Climate Prospectus: Economic Risks in the United States (with Trevor Houser, Robert Kopp, Solomon Hsiang, Michael Delgado, Amir Jina, Kate Larsen, Michael Mastrandrea, Shashank Mohan, Robert Muir-Wood, DJ Rasmussen, and Paul Wilson): Book
  • Creating the commons: fisheries and the World Bank (in History of Economic Thought and Policy)

Working Papers: For Distribution

  • The impacts of climate change on coffee: trouble brewing (with Jeff Sachs): Report Site
  • Emotions and elections: Evidence from Hurricane Sandy (with Prabhat Barnwal): Working Paper
  • Glaciers and Flooding in Himalayan River Basins (with Upmanu Lall): Working Paper
  • Global Benefits of Marine Protected Areas (with Geoffrey Heal): NBER Working Paper.
  • Path Dependence, Political Competition, and Renewable Energy Policy: A Dynamic Model (with Johannes Urpelainen and Marion Dumas): Working Paper
  • Performance of agricultural process models using global data (with Mark Cane): Working Paper

Working Papers: Under Development

  • Probabilistic projections of potential humanitarian response needs 2015-2035 (with Marc Levy): Report
  • Multiscale Management of the Distributed Fishery Commons: Working Paper, Presentation
  • Inferring spatio-temporal anchoveta stocks using catch series and plankton measurements (with Kimberly Lai): Working Paper
  • Entropy rates of spatially distributed state machines: Working Paper, Presentation
  • Optimal Slash-and-Burn Farming: Working Paper, Companion Paper
  • An Open Model for Climate Behaviors: EPA Proposal, Post
  • Self-Organized Criticality in Sustainable Development: Working Paper
  • Self-Organized Criticality in Marine Conservation Ecology: Working Paper
  • Knowledge as Access: An Inquiry into the Creaturely Life: Working Paper
  • Destabilization through crop failures: a mechanism for climate to drive conflict (with Mark Cane)
  • No heat is an island: population as a driver of the heat island effect (with Solomon Hsiang)
  • Planet on a plate: the drivers of food production and consumption decisions and their impacts
  • Green Power in Vietnam (with Semee Yoon, Anthony D’Agostino, and Ruinan Liu)
  • System regressions: inferring the structure of interconnected feedbacks: Presentation, Working Paper


  • A Tool for Crowd-Sourcing Empirical Meta-Analyses (with Solomon Hsiang and Bob Kopp): Poster
  • Crops, Climate, and Conflict (with Mark Cane): Poster
  • Call of the Complex: Prezi
  • Non-Renewable Spaceship: Presentation
  • Glaciers and Flooding in Himalayan River Basins: Poster, Presentation